No Courts Needed

November 7, 2008

Its truly a great sign. No one has gone to the Courts to discount an election – nor anyones vote. Yet.


Finally its here. No not Christmas, silly. Election day, the day TV ads painting the other party as demons end. Read to the end  –  Both parties get hammered.

If Republicans lose its not the end of the world. Ditto for Dems.

For any non-Americans reading this, Americans understand what you all don’t –

Once they get in office, all promises are forgotten. All bets are off.

Obama or McCain will do whatever the hell they want, and we know that. We vote anyway in the futile hope one of these days one will actually keep his or her word.

If we hold our breath waiting on it to happen, we will all die from lack of air period.

OK so it now will move to the Courts, since this was started 2 Presidential elections ago, as a way to involve the Courts in something they have no business in. It keeps lawyers working thru the holidays. So the kids can have a nice Christmas, I guess.

Maybe I’m just old & cranky – there is something nice about my phone NOT ringing every 15 minutes. Really this past weekend, 23 Obama vote for me calls from all sorts of people I never heard of  before.

They were not happy I did not want to talk to them, nor would I put “Andrew” on the phone. My husband uses Andy as a nickname, its not in any way except the first letter  a match for his given name. Nope he isn’t Andrew, Andre or Andy. Nope. I wonder where they got that info?

I have been berated by them for not speaking Spanish ( we have a Latin surname) – I got 3 of those.

I got yelled at for not agreeing to vote for Obama, &/or refusing to say who I would vote for. Its no ones business but my own. Certainly not some stranger. Sheesh.

And the Republicans were only slightly different. I only got 15 calls this weekend.

Only 1 got mad that I didn’t speak Spanish. None liked the fact I wouldn’t confirm or deny who I would vote for. Its none of their business.

Again we went the Andrew route.They were not happy I did not want to talk to them, nor would I put “Andrew” on the phone. My husband uses Andy as a nickname, its not in any way except the first letter  a match for his given name. Nope he isn’t Andrew, Andre or Andy. Nope.

I managed to piss off both parties on that one. I’m very proud of that accomplishment!

And yes I voted. For who is my business, not yours.

Nothing is permanent & its gonna be OK- this phrase took on new meaning several times in my life.

Breast cancer & surgeries, chemo & all. I just kept telling myself nothing is permanent, its gonna be OK.

Family acting like complete fools?  Dealing dirt? N.I.P. / I.G.B.OK

World around me gone basic insane? N.I.P.

NA$CAR going to hello because______? ( conspiracy theorists start your engine) N.I.P.

My favorite driver leaving an established team for a 50% stake, other owner in prison for tax evasion?

OK it took a few minutes of “what are you thinking Tony?!?” – N.I.P./I.G.B.OK i guess

Jerry Jones gets Pacman (trouble) Jones see the line above. Replace Tony with Jerry, its the same thing.

This week Google threw me a giant curve ball. The no warning, major screw up of my beautiful, symetrical,

took forever ( ok 2 years seems like forever) to get perfect home page, and in 1 refresh, it all went away.

Like others I have met in the last 3 days, I thought I broke it. No amount of page restore would fix it.

I tried everything, honest, even a system restore! No alas, I HAD to go to (gasp) go to the Help Forum!!

I know I shouldn’t – I always feel dumb when I get answers there. My questions are always there  &

answered but still  feel dumb.

Well – I click & there are already 1791 posts about – drumroll or spooky music your choice – iGoogle

homepages are changed!!! I read in amazement, Google had betrayed us all! Do no evil, well evil they did !

In a way only MS/MSN  could envy. No warning to any of us, just here ya go & you will like this change.

Its better for developers & ads!. Read about it here

We’ve also replaced the tabs at the top with a left navigation that allows for access to any gadget with one click. We’re very excited about these changes because it makes iGoogle a more useful homepage and a better platform for developers. And this is just the beginning: Expect to see more canvas gadgets created by developers and more new features on iGoogle soon. Not in the U.S.? Don’t worry. We’ll also be rolling out this updated version in other countries very soon.


N.I.P./I.G.B.OK I sat telling myself. So I’m not a developer, so I don’t belong there anymore. I guess.

And soon it was people began posting about other sites, ones I’ve never heard of!!! I don’t have to go back to the “old” ones I moved away from! Happily checking out several & landed at Netvibes!!! And moved Blog here. Actually I deleted old blog at eveilempire, along with my account. Having everything all in 1 place & 1 page was nice, but, I guess it was time to move on. Good bye Google.


October 26, 2008

Change isn’t one of my favorite things. Occasionally its pleasant, usually it makes me feel apprehensive, like a fish out of water. Change is inevitable. Like Death & Taxes.

Acceptance does not mean I like it – just that this is what is now. I don’t understand why some people feel that everything should be the way they want it, or the way it used to be.

So  this week I have watched ( with amused amazement ) as some peoples kids try to rant Google into changing back from the new format for iGoogle pages to the “old” format. Look when a huge impersonal corporate entity makes a change  – we as users have a few choices to make ourselves. We can embrace the change, or move on to somewhere that fits our needs as they are now. Or we can stay & be miserable, post on forums rants & rave & generally try to turn back the clock. That last one seems – to me – to be a waste of my energy. A few people I know have chosen that last option & are being quite vocal.

Good Luck.

Why stay where you are not happy? Would you wear a pair of jeans that are ill fitting?  Of course not! Would you eat something that you find the taste of repulsive? No.

What makes the web any different?  Nothing really, except we get set in our ways & want everything to stay the same, yet progress. That isn’t sane thinking. It wastes a ton of energy that could be used elsewhere, for better things.